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24-hour service hotline


Business scope: Mainly engaged in the design, research and development, processing and sales of various types of tempered glass and display glass.

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Good product quality

The quality is stable, the toughened glass is high in hardness, and the material has good light transmittance. The product has a variety of specifications and shapes, which can be customized according to needs and samples.

Multiple devices

It can process a full set of procedures such as introduction, special-shaped cutting, edging, CNC, perforation, tempering, silk screen, etc., and multiple production lines to realize mass supply

Reasonable price

Factory direct supply, no other intermediate channels, a balance choice of quality and price.

Satisfactory service

In response to the various needs of customers, we provide comprehensive solutions, responsible after-sales services, and strict product quality.

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Dongguan Jiameite Glass Co.,Ltd

Dongguan Jiameite Glass Co.,Ltd located in the world manufacturing center: Dongguan. We are focusing on designing, manufacturing, saleing: tempered glass, displayer glass, touch screen glass, silk screen printing glass, switch glass, anti reflective glass(high transmittance glass), anti glare glass, anti fingerprinting glass, electric equipment glass, led lighting glass etc. we have all process technology like: cutting, special-shaped cutting, polishing glass edge, drilling hole, CNC, tempering...




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